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What Does Gratitude Have To Do With It (aka) Spirituality?

How many of you remember that Tina Turner song ‘What’s Love Got to do With It?’ I can remember singing along in my bedroom, with the door closed, rocking and imagining that I was performing in front of a large audience.


Today, I’m a little more reserved and find myself asking the questions: ‘What does love have to do with it?’ How important is it? Do we really need it and to whom do I express it?”


The questions dig deeper, as I ponder what I had assumed was obvious, back in those sing-along days (which are still with me by the way). Even more so, when I change the word ‘Love’ to ‘Gratitude’.


So ‘What does Gratitude Have to do with It?’ When answering the question: I say EVERYTHING.

Gratitude and SpiritualityThe level of gratitude you express and feel internally impacts everything in your life.   When you express gratitude, you are saying to the Universe that you appreciate what you have, what you see and what you experience.


This emotion generates spiritual energy, which is sent out into the Universe to support the alignment of positive aspects into your life. Positive energy attracts positive energy and this relates to all things.


We are fortunate to have an easily accessible way to influence our lives. Practicing gratitude daily not only impacts on the object of your attention, but there are also immediate benefits to you, as the emotion at that moment fills you with feelings of peace and satisfaction.


The act of being in the moment of gratitude slows you down. You operate from a place of being centred. At that moment, you are not thinking about the future or the past.  You are practicing mindfulness, which has immense health benefits.


The more you do it the easier it becomes.Gratitude and Spirituality

You’ll begin to see more things to appreciate and manifest in your life.

As you begin to express gratitude daily, it will move into a place of constant appreciation. This brings you more clarity and feelings of wellness.



The more appreciation you experience, the happier you will be.



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Sheila Pryce Brooks

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Sheila Pryce Brooks is an expert in sleep paralysis and extraordinary spiritual experiences. She is passionate about illuminating the overlap between sleep paralysis, spirituality and science through research and education and she has since dedicated her life to helping others manage and transcend sleep paralysis and other extraordinary spiritual experiences.


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