A Mini Course for Anyone Experiencing Sleep Paralysis or Seeking to Expand their Knowledge of Paranormal Events That Take Place Whilst Sleeping

The Gateway Mini Course

Unlock the secrets to SLEEP PARALYSIS and PARANORMAL EVENTS that takes place whilst you are SLEEPING.  A revolutionary course that explores the human capacity to engage with NON-PHYSICAL BEINGS AND SPACES.


Transcend Sleep Paralysis.  Explore Paranormal Activity.  Tap into your Spiritual Power


Evidence suggests that 1 person in 20 will have an experience of sleep paralysis during their lifetime

This figure is actually misleading as there are countless others who don’t share their experiences and remain hidden.  There are also millions of people who experience ‘otherworldly’ activity whilst sleeping – things such as astral projection, experiencing dreams that feel ‘real’, visitations from loved ones who have transitioned and an awareness of dreaming during the dream – known as lucid dreaming.

Have you experienced any of the these whilst sleeping? Were you left with more questions than answers, or perhaps the experiences have left you afraid to sleep, unsure of what will happen? Is your sleep being disturbed by dreams or nightmares that seem real?

You may be feeling tired and frustrated and not understand what’s taking place. It may be that the medical communities’ ‘hallucination’ or ‘stress’ theory does not make sense to you. You may even have tried solutions on your own and the events have not stopped.

The medical solution to these experiences is chemically based to suppress these activities whilst you sleep.  But what if simple practices that you could perform in just 30 minutes a day was all you needed to move you from where you are now to place of understanding your awakening?


The Gateway Mini Course

An introductory course, specifically designed to give you free trial of the full course

The full programme includes weekly live sessions and 3 modules. It can be found HERE

Dear Friend,


I’m deeply honored that you’re considering joining me for The Gateway programme.


Creating this course has been a tremendous labour of love and I’m excited that I’ll soon be sharing this life-changing process with those who are seeking understanding and support all over the world.

When I first began my journey almost 35 years ago, I never could have imagined where the path would take me.


Since I began sharing my discoveries, I have been continuously inspired and humbled to encounter so many remarkable human beings so deeply dedicated to understanding who and what they are.


There is nothing that gives more meaning to my life than being able to share this work with anyone who feels called to receive it.


If you decide to join me on this adventure, I look forward to connecting with you and deepening together as we all take our next steps on this miraculous journey of exploring the human potential.


With Love and Light


Who is it for


Designed for anyone who experiences sleep paralysis or has an interest in opening the door to paranormal phenomena, making what lays beyond accessible to anyone

Module 1 Week 1-4

What is Sleep Paralysis and Transcendence


The medical and spiritual explanation of Sleep Paralysis is examined in detail. Why, where and when it occurs and the history of sleep paralysis. Relaxation and meditation is a key tool in releasing the fear associated with Sleep Paralysis and practices are introduced at the start of the program and maintained throughout.

You’ll learn: