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The Dissatisfied Employee

How many of us are in a job that we are unhappy with?

How many of us think about being an entrepreneur or already dabble in activities outside of our day job, with the dream of making huge sums of money and gaining freedom from an employer who is draining vitality, creativity and feelings of empowerment.


Far too many of us. Dare I say that there are more unhappily employed persons than employed?


Whilst we dwell in that negative place with many many reasons to hate the day job, it’s important to put things into perspective. Without looking at the full picture, nothing can change and your dreams of either changing your job or gaining the independence you are looking for will be long in coming.



You’re in this job for a reason. Probably the money. And doesn’t it feel good when it comes. The money gives you security, peace of mind and the ability to purchase items you want. Without the job, things would be dire. Appreciation should be felt for the feeling the job gives you, for without it, your world would be completely different.



It gives you purpose. Good or bad, it’s your reason for getting out of bed, out of the house and into the world of socialization. Each day you are exposed to new situations, new opportunities and the option to interact and discover new things. It helps to shape and build you into the person you are.



Your job gives your life definition and allows you to know what you want from life. It exposes you to options. To see the good and bad. Learn from others. To have goals and ambitions and focus them into tangible actions.


Thinking about your job isn’t too bad now is it? It’s important to see the positive elements of your job for more positive things to come into your life. Find things to enjoy and appreciate about it daily in the knowing that things will get better.


And it will.



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Sheila Pryce Brooks

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Sheila Pryce Brooks is an expert in sleep paralysis and extraordinary spiritual experiences. She is passionate about illuminating the overlap between sleep paralysis, spirituality and science through research and education and she has since dedicated her life to helping others manage and transcend sleep paralysis and other extraordinary spiritual experiences.


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