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Smudging Part 1: Do You Smudge?

Should you Smudge?


A few years ago, I had no idea what it meant to smudge or cleanse your personal space. I didn’t know anyone who did it, nor did I consider it a relevant thing that I should do Today, having been taught by an indigenous Aborigine how to smudge, I see it as an essential part of my routine. At least once each month my home is smudged and more frequently depending on things that have taken place and the people that have been around me.


But what is smudging and how and why should you smudge?

Smudging is a way to energetically cleanse a space to invite in positive energy. When smudging a space, you burn plant material. The smoke fills and purifies the environment. As the smoke rises, it takes your wishes and intentions and mingles them with the Universe as a way to connect heaven, earth, and humanity. Burning aromatic herbs and resins was practiced in antiquity. It is still being widely used today.



Smudging is a tradition that is common to many cultures. It involves the burning of one or more ‘medicines’ gathered from the earth. The four sacred medicines used in First Nations’ ceremonies are tobacco, sage, cedar, and sweetgrass. The most common medicines used in a smudge are sweetgrass, sage, and cedar. Whilst it is best practice to be gifted medicine, they are widely available on Amazon and other stores. 


Smudging has been passed down from generation to generation. There are many ways to perform a smudge and different variations exist. 




  1. We smudge to clear the air around us.
  2. We smudge to clean our minds so that we will have good thoughts for others.
  3. We smudge our eyes so that we will only see good things in others.
  4. We smudge our ears so that we will only listen to good things about others.
  5. We smudge our mouths so that we will only speak well of others.
  6. We smudge our whole being so that we will portray only the good part of ourselves through our actions.


Smudging allows us to stop, slow down, and become mindful and centered. This allows people to remember, connect, and be grounded in the event, task, or purpose at hand. Smudging also allows you to let go of negative feelings and thoughts.


Letting go of things that inhibit a person from being balanced and focused comes from the feeling of being calm and safe while smudging. The forms of smudging will vary, but they are all considered to be a way of cleansing oneself.


Smudging is always voluntary. You should never be forced or pressured to smudge or be in a smudging environment. It is completely acceptable for a person to indicate that they do not want to smudge. That person may choose to stay in a room and refrain from smudging or leave the room during the smudge. Respect for all is the guiding principle.


Smudging can be a powerful way for you to cleanse your physical energy and the space around you. It’s worth considering smudging for your general well-being and overall health. 


That’s it for now. In the next episode of this Smudging post, we’ll talk about how to smudge. 



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