The Notion of Sleep Paralysis III: Transition



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This is the final part of my 3-part blog series on The Notion of Sleep Paralysis. Having explained; what sleep paralysis is, the impact that it can have on the life of the experiencer, treatments, remedies and the importance of taking care of yourself from the inside out, we are now ready to move one step further in understanding this phenomenon.

The nature of us being ‘human spiritual beings’ has been well documented.  Many spiritual teachers from different approaches each say the same thing: that we are spiritual in the first instance, with the human physical body providing a shell for the magnificent spiritual energy which is the overriding part of our makeup.

This spiritual energy and its frequency varies from person to person, to the extent that no two people are alike. The determinants of your energy frequency are many and you have the ability to increase or decrease the frequency of your spiritual energy. Generally, the lower frequencies represent negative emotions and feelings such as; depression, sadness, pessimism, negative thoughts etc., and the higher frequencies represent; positive thoughts, happiness, joy, and love.

When it comes to spiritual energy, you also need to factor in the energies which are ever present and interacting with each of us constantly. This energy moves, fluctuates and mixes with us unceasingly, intertwining with your spiritual energy, continually calling your attention in the form of your intuition, signs, increased perception or synchronicities.

Through the crack of your resistance

These broader external energies (we will call them source energy for now) exists at an extremely high frequency, which is why it is often difficult for us to clearly interact and hear the calling that is being offered, as our spiritual energy operates at a lower frequency to that of the source energy.

Whilst you sleep, your spiritual energy interacts free of resistance with the source energy and engages the spiritual, energetic, world. For some of us, the experience is seamless, and we awaken none the wiser with whispers of the events that took place, but there are some of us, who have a far more intense experience, as the source spiritual energy attempts to engage us at a higher energetic frequency than we are ready for.

Whilst sleeping, due to your focused and relatively resistance free frequency, the broader source energies try to engage you – to capture your attention as they would whilst you are awake, but the energy level being emitted by you at that time is too low to comprehend and make sense of the experience. You enter into a state of shock which is compounded by the body’s physiological response of paralysis and you awaken in the spiritual or sleep realm unable to comprehend what has taken place. The shock of the experience throws you into a state of fear and panic which can be likened to being thrown into a cold bath whilst asleep.

Whilst in shock, the mind creates a framework for the fear, which is partly physiological – the paralysis, and entities are seen as the mind tries to make sense of the experience. You unwittingly reject the energy, interpreting it negatively, as you force yourself awake saying: “What the hell just happened?”.

You are uniquely special

What is to be emphasised here is that there is something uniquely special about you.  It gives you the ability to tune into your source energy (and that of other peoples and the wider source energy).  Albeit unwittingly. This may not be the appropriate time to discuss your subtle empathic, intuitive, clairvoyant or claircognizant abilities. As these are the tell-tale signs of the deeper spiritual abilities which you have, that lead to your predisposition to engage with the spiritual realm and experience sleep paralysis. Everyone does not experience sleep paralysis. Only those with the spiritual acuity to attune to the energetic frequency and engage ‘sleep paralysis’, will have the experience. You, are uniquely special.

Fortunately, there are specific actions that you can do to reduce the negative impact of sleep paralysis and unlock your spiritual assets or gifts, as sleep paralysis episodes reduce and your spiritual acuity and control increases. The unlocking of your assets will be evident as you begin to; acknowledge and act on your intuition for your benefit, you hear and listen to yourself, your vitality increases, your sense of knowing and clarity will increase and your spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairaudience become more obvious. Your sleep paralysis will subside as ‘other’ more positive spiritual experiences take place whilst you sleep.

Practice daily the actions in the previous blog post. The more you experience and feel the presence of clarity, awareness, thoughtfulness and mindfulness, the higher your energy frequency will be in that moment.  Gradually, you will increase your overall energy frequency. Your attention will be in the present moment, not the past or the future, thereby reducing your resistance and anxieties, allowing the positive higher frequency energies to flow without blockage.

Thank you for reading this blog post.

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