What is Sleep Paralysis?

Imagine feeling very tired, going to bed, and quickly falling asleep. 
Your rest is soon disturbed, though, by some sort of rustling noise. You open your eyes and recognize the normal features of your bedroom in the shadowy darkness, but, when you try to sit up, you realize that you are paralyzed; you are unable to move your arms or legs or even turn your head. With sudden, sickening dread and overwhelming terror, you sense an evil presence approaching. You struggle and try to scream for help, but you still cannot move or make a sound. The sinister being looms over you for a moment, then climbs onto your bed and settles heavily on your chest, crushing the breath out of you. -Taken from Shelley Adler’s book: Sleep Paralysis Nightmare, Nocebos and the Mind Body Connection

Sleep Paralysis has remained an unexplained phenomenon for over 3000 years of its recorded history

Research has shown that the Sleep Paralysis experience is consistent regardless of age, gender, geographical location or culture. To understand the physical symptoms of sleep paralysis, here are a few examples that will help.

I am 52 years old. My [night-mares] started in my mid 20s. I remember the first time it happened. I had a new baby and was napping in the afternoon because I also worked in the evenings. Suddenly, I was wide awake except for the fact that my eyes were still closed and I was completely paralyzed. I have never been so terrified in my life. I KNEW someone else was in the room. I could hear them moving around. I felt like I was in grave danger.

Then I KNOW I felt someone sit down on the bed right next to me! I tried to scream. . . . I was struggling and struggling but I couldn’t even move a finger. Finally, the episode passed and I woke up perfectly fine. I thought I was going crazy and never mentioned it to anyone. I still don’t bring it up much because I get THAT LOOK from people who don’t know what you’re talking about. I have had several episodes since then. . . . I have never opened my eyes . . . and that is a blessing because if I ever did and saw something looking back at me I would probably die in my sleep.

– Taken from Shelley Adler’s book: Sleep Paralysis Nightmare, Nocebos and the Mind Body Connection


Symptoms and features of Sleep Paralysis

    • ⦁ Being awake
      ⦁ Realistic environment
      ⦁ Inability to move (paralysis)
      ⦁ Overwhelming fear and dread
      ⦁ Sensed or experienced presence
      ⦁ Chest pressure
      ⦁ Difficulty breathing
      ⦁ The feeling of being watched
      ⦁ Sleeping on back brings on the experience
      ⦁ Astral projection (spiritually moving out of your body and floating, flying sometimes
      seeing yourself as you sleep)
      ⦁ Lucidity (knowing that you are asleep or awake as you sleep and being fully aware)
      ⦁ Additional sounds: door opening, creaks, animal growling, footsteps, etc
      ⦁ Temperature changes
      ⦁ Bed motion

A loss of muscle control takes over during the experience which creates paralysis. This is a natural bodily reaction that prevents you from acting out your dreams. The average length of each episode is about six to nine minutes.

Treatments for sleep paralysis

It is mentally exhausting for individuals who experience sleep paralysis.
There is very little information about the causes of sleep paralysis and treatments are limited.  For the moment, the following may help:

  • – Avoid sleeping on your back
  • – Maintain good sleep hygiene and sleep and wake at regular times
  • – Reduce your caffeine before you go to bed

Interesting Info

1* The ‘nightmare’ was said to be a supernatural entity that rode people’s chests as they slept. Today we use the word ‘nightmare’ to explain a bad dream without realizing its earlier meaning and link to sleep paralysis.

2* Sleep paralysis is not rare. 20-45% of people experience at least one episode during their lifetime.

3* Whilst the experience is extremely frightening, no one has died as a result of having sleep paralysis.

4* The Sleep Paralysis phenomenon is a global experience.  How is it possible for millions of people experience, see, hear, feel the same thing?

Famous Picture called “The Nightmare” Painted by Henry Fuseli in 1781'

Famous Picture called “The Nightmare” Painted by Henry Fuseli in 1781′

I was asleep, on my back—I hardly ever sleep on my back—when it felt like something really heavy was on my chest and these really big hands were choking me. I couldn’t breathe so I started struggling with it. My spouse reached over and began gently shaking me, asking if I was all right. When I opened my eyes this thing was ripping his hands off me.
He looked like a gray, short, squatty gargoyle. I looked at my husband and back down next to our bed and he was gone.
This is the 1st time I have seen what was my attacker. And I was afraid to go back to sleep. When I did sleep it was in heavy short intervals.

-Taken from Shelley Adler’s book: Sleep Paralysis Nightmare, Nocebos and the Mind Body Connection

One thing is for sure.
Sleep paralysis does not happen to everyone. Only those with heightened spiritual acuity will experience sleep paralysis.
Sheila Pryce Brooks

These experiences are all very real, and as a seasoned experiencer of Sleep Paralysis it is my intent that these online pages will:
⦁ Shine a laser light on the phenomenon
⦁ Release the fear associated with Sleep Paralysis
⦁ Change the perception of Sleep Paralysis from negative, to a positive spiritual engagement and an indicator of spiritual abilities
⦁ Teach about the connection of Sleep Paralysis to alternate spiritual realms
⦁ Share knowledge related to our spirituality and its oneness with Universal energies
⦁ Teach about the intrinsic connection between Sleep Paralysis, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, and our innate spiritual connection to the Universe
⦁ Provide support, so that those who experience Sleep Paralysis can see themselves as individuals with spiritual gifts and no longer feel victimized and persecuted

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