Scientific Sleep Paralysis Research Papers and Books

Here you will find a database of sleep paralysis research papers and books that have helped to examine the phenomena from a scientific, spiritual and medical perspective. Research into sleep paralysis is sparse and collating them into central resource was helpful in understanding what sleep paralysis is, as well as the gaps in research.

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Sleep Paralysis Beliefs, Culture and Folklore

From witchcraft and the trials in Salem, to the ‘Old Hag’ in Newfoundland, different cultures, beliefs and folklore have influenced our understanding of sleep paralysis. The resources here recognise the global nature of sleep paralysis and the inherent traditions upon which sleep paralysis folklore, beliefs and customs have been built upon for many centuries.

Sleep Paralysis Around the World

Sleep paralysis takes place all over the world. It has many different names and is often part of the culture of different societies. Some of these are listed below.

Sleep Paralysis and Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is having the awareness that you are dreaming whilst you're in the sleep state and having experiences. It's related to the sleep paralysis experience, with many people lucid dreaming whilst they are having sleep paralysis. This phenomenon is examined here.

Sleep Paralysis and Extraterrestrials

Similarities have been found between the sleep paralysis experience and the experiences of UFO abductees. Experiencers have also suggested that the engagements with entities during sleep paralysis, were in fact with extraterrestrials. Whilst it's recognised that more research is needed in this area some of the available resources are listed here.

Sleep Paralysis and Anthroposophy (The Gateway)

Anthroposophy, is a philosophy based on the premise that the human intellect has the ability to contact spiritual worlds. It was formulated by Dr. Rudolf Steiner who postulated the existence of a spiritual world fully accessible to all humans. He regarded human beings as having originally participated in the spiritual processes of the world through a dreamlike consciousness. He suggested that the sleep paralysis experience is a gateway to the spiritual world, and that the entities that are experienced are the gatekeepers, who are attempting to stop you gaining spiritual 'gifts'.

Sleep Paralysis as a Medical Condition

The medical community refer to the sleep paralysis experiences as hallucinatory, which has led to the experience being pathologised with a diagnosis of psychosis and schizophrenia in some cases. Here, the medical perspective is examined.

Sleep Paralysis and Narcolepsy

People who have Narcolepsy may find themselves periodically falling asleep during the day, often for minutes or seconds at a time and can cause excessive daytime sleepiness. Sleep paralysis is often experienced by people who have Narcolepsy. These episodes can be unnerving and disruptive, especially when the episodes occur during normal tasks such as eating, talking or driving.  

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