The Essential Programme for Anyone Experiencing Sleep Paralysis or Seeking to Expand their Knowledge of Events That Take Place Whilst Sleeping


A members ONLY platform hosted by Sheila Pryce Brooks

Unlock the secrets to SLEEP PARALYSIS and EVENTS that take place whilst SLEEPING.  A revolutionary space that explores the human capacity to have unexplained experiences that are without a SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION.


Explore Sleep Paralysis.  Explore the Related Experiences.  Tap into your Empowerment.




Research suggests that 1 person in 20 will have an experience of sleep paralysis during their lifetime

This figure is actually misleading, as there are countless others who don’t share their experiences and remain hidden.  There are also millions of people who experience ‘otherworldly’ activity whilst sleeping – things such as astral projection, experiencing dreams that feel ‘real’, visitations from loved ones who have transitioned and an awareness of dreaming during the dream – known as lucid dreaming.


Have you experienced any of these whilst sleeping? Were you left with more questions than answers, or perhaps the experiences have left you afraid to sleep, unsure of what will happen? Is your sleep being disturbed by dreams or nightmares that seem real?


You may be feeling tired and frustrated and not understand what’s taking place. It may be that the medical communities’ ‘hallucination’ or ‘stress’ theory does not make sense to you, or you want to explore a range of theories. You may even have tried solutions on your own and the episodes have not stopped.



If you’ve experienced sleep paralysis, you may have complex feelings related to whether or not the experience was a hallucination or real.


Cultural traditions all over the work speak about profound experiences that take place whilst we sleep.  When we examine sleep phenomena from a spiritual perspective, it has long been stated that we have the ability to enter alternative dimensions of reality and experience engagements that are simply not possible whilst we are in our day to day physical state.


Some people feel unique when you look at it in these terms.  It’s an experience that very few people can access.  Others feel that it’s a burden that they would rather be without.



Now, thanks to the pioneering work of Sheila Pryce Brooks, you have a unique opportunity to explore sleep paralysis and at the very least become empowered to find out what the experts know.




A Platform dedicated to Sleep Paralysis and the associated experiences with Sheila Pryce Brooks

We’re excited to announce that sleep paralysis researcher Sheila Pryce Brooks has created a comprehensive online platform that hosts the latest research, books, videos, blogs, live Q&As and interviews with experts related to sleep paralysis.

In the privacy and comfort of your own home, you can explore the many facets of sleep paralysis and learn from the experts.


Dear Friend,

I’m deeply honoured that you’re considering joining me in Sleep Paralysis Explored.

Creating this safe space has been a tremendous labour of love, and I’m excited that I’ll soon be sharing this life-changing members only space with those who are seeking understanding and support from all over the world.

When I first began my journey almost 35 years ago, I never could have imagined where the path would take me.  Since I began sharing my experiences, I have been continuously inspired and humbled to encounter so many remarkable human beings, so deeply dedicated to understanding the sleep paralysis phenomena.

There is nothing that gives me more meaning to my life than being able to share this work with anyone who feels called to receive it. If you decide to join me on this adventure, I look forward to connecting with you and deepening together as we all take our next steps on this miraculous journey of exploring the human potential.

With Love and Light



What Past Students Say

Sheila Pryce Brooks Sleep Paralysis


“Sheila has that special gift of calming your soul. I was feeling overwhelmed then with life. I feel that every effort I make doesn’t make sense and there is a pressure that I can’t define in my life. After our session, I was able to sort things out. The conversations we had, lead me to where the pressure is coming from. I am grateful that I reached out to Sheila during my “confuse” times. I wish Sheila more success on this. May you touch more souls as your progress!”

Kristin Client Testimonial for Sheila Pryce Brooks


“After speaking with Sheila for even a short amount of time, her healing and calming nature became immediately clear to me. She is able to read between the lines and get to the heart of your needs. She gives clear direction and installs a sense of inner confidence. It felt effortless to engage with Shelia and almost as if I was talking with good friend-her insight and calming presence is truly a gift."

Kumar Client Testimonial


“I was expecting the session with Shelia where she would advise and give me directions to take to make my life happy and more secure. She instead taught me how to choose my own directions and grow as a person for unlimited happiness and abundance. I discovered that I could be far more than I originally thought I could be. I have gained a lot more than I expected for spiritual life coaching with Sheila. This is just the start of the new me. Thank you. Sheila”

Who is it for?


Designed for anyone who experiences sleep paralysis or has an interest in its exploration

Do you want to know what the meaning of sleep paralysis is and understand why it happens more frequently at times? How about being able to control your panic and anxiety during sleep paralysis to facilitate transcending it?


Do you want to be part of a safe and supportive environment, where you can hear about other people’s experiences so that you can learn and influence your sleep state?  Do you want to have accurate and up-to-date information from experts in scientific fields?


Do you want to have access to the latest research papers in summary and full form, and important reading lists? Do you want to know more about sleep paralysis and its connection to extraterrestrials? 



Do you want to know and practice the connection between sleep paralysis, astral projection and lucid dreaming? Do you want to explore the deeper spiritual understanding that has come with sleep paralysis?


Here’s What You Have Access To

Topics include:


How to Cope with the Fear/Shame/Anxiety Felt When Experiencing Sleep Paralysis


Astral Projection/Travel and Lucid Dreaming


Consciousness, Out-of-Body Experiences and Near-death experiences


Mystical Experiences, Dreams, Spirits and Guides and Psychic Abilities


Extraterrestrial Connections and Inter-Stellar Communication




Monthly Q and A in audio or video format

Summarised and full academic research papers with key takeaways

Book summaries

Q and A’s with experts in the field

Guest speakers

spiral galaxy



Suggested reading




Blogs and articles


Testimonials and sharing of experiences


Podcasts and audio content


How to….. deal with anxiety, retain control of the experience, astral project


Latest research


By Joining You Will:

Have access to the latest information, news and experts in sleep paralysis and its related areas.


Be supported by a community of people who have shared your experiences. This deepens your understanding of the experience and what it can yield.

Feel empowered and recognised as having experiences that are unique to you. This safe space will give you an opportunity to explore and develop your uniqueness within a group of others who are equally unique.


I was there too!

I experienced sleep paralysis chronically for over 30 years and was told by the medical community that it was a neurological disorder.

Once I learned how to release the fear and transcend sleep paralysis, I opened the door to a higher level of awareness and unlocked many nocturnal events.

If a membership like this had been available to me when the occurrences were regularly taking place, I would not have reached the depths of desperation that I experienced.

I designed this space for you if you are experiencing Sleep Paralysis or if you want to know more about phenomena such as OBEs (out of body experiences) such as lucid dreaming and astral projection.

It’s my intention that this space helps anyone in need and provides a much-needed alternative solution to the condition of Sleep Paralysis.

Sheila Pryce Brooks


Sleep Paralysis Explored

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  • Book summaries and suggested reading
  • QandAs with experts in the field

    Guest speakers

    Videos, blogs and articles and podcasts

    Testimonials and sharing of experiences

    How to deal with content e.g. anxiety, retaining control etc.

    Latest research