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She Wants to Marry and Start a Family With Her Ghost Boyfriend

Is it possible to have a relationship with someone who is non-physical?


In the vast expanse of our Universe, love is a force that knows no bounds. It has the power to transcend the physical, reaching into the ethereal, and connecting souls across the dimensions. This brings us to a question that challenges our conventional understanding of life and relationships: “Is it possible to have a relationship with a boyfriend/girlfriend who is a ghost?”


Now before you stop reading and think that this is extraordinarily absurd, this is a totally rational question, especially when we consider that when we venture beyond the physical, into the realm of energy and spirit, our understanding and scope of rationality are challenged. We are forced to reconsider what we know and to question the boundaries that we have set for ourselves.


The connection with a spectral partner has the potential to be profound, intimate, and deeply personal. It’s a bond that transcends the physical, a dance of energies, a merging of souls. This connection is as real and meaningful as any earthly bond, but it operates on a different plane, one that we are still striving to understand.


Whilst we cannot definitively say that this can take place, it’s important to remember that love, in its purest form, knows no boundaries. It’s a Universal force, a cosmic energy that binds us all. It’s a force that can connect souls across dimensions.


So, is it possible to have a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife relationship with a ghost or more subtly – a spirit? With our current level of understanding, we cannot say for sure. But for Amethyst Realm it was very real, to the extent that she is planning to have a baby.


Recorded and aired on the UK’s national breakfast TV show This Morning is her story below. It’s fascinating, and I ask that you are open-minded enough to consider her experience and not immediately reject it.





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