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Why did I have sleep paralysis, but the “demon” was someone I know? When I looked at them, they attacked me by choking me.

I was asked this question a few weeks ago and have attached a link to the answer here


I’m researching sleep paralysis as part of my Ph.D. and have interviewed many people who see family members, friends, old colleagues, etc. They see them clearly and they often loom above them and come very close to their face. It is as thought they are deliberately trying to create fear. Sometimes they transform into someone/thing else and then choke them or laugh at them.


I have no idea why this happens unless sleep paralysis is considered a spiritual experience. As a spiritual experience, it can be easily understood by the presence of low-lying energy who Dr. Steiner refers to as gatekeepers who are testing you. If you (or anyone would like more info about Dr. Steiner’s sleep paralysis work send me a message).




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