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Quora Question Answered – In your opinion, is your conscience a part of your soul?

The conscience is an outcome of the thoughts we think and their corresponding actions, whilst the soul is the higher, energy part of the physical being. The conscience impacts on the soul, but is not part of it and serves a different function during our physical and non-physical experience.


During our physical existence, we are here to experience, enjoy and grow through the contrasts that life presents us with. It is our learning of these lessons and the ability to live and respond from a place of love for self and others, that determines our growth and the lessons that we are here to learn. The conscience is one of the lessons to be learnt and evolve past.  It has the ability to hold us back.  It can keep us thinking thoughts that do not serve us, hence it keeps us in the same place thinking thoughts that are difficult to move past, thus repeating and reliving past events.


Our higher selves are urging us to move past the thoughts of the conscience, which normally consist of negative thought patterns, and by moving past them we grow into our higher selves and evolve past the constraints which the conscience brings.




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