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Quora Question Answered – How does a person get guidance from spirit guides upon requests?

You need only ask.


Asking is not a verbal act. Whilst it can help, it is more important that you have an internal conversation and request the answer non verbally and through your emotions. Emotional communication has less ‘wobble’ and is far clearer than verbal communication. It can not be misinterpreted. You are either feeling one way or another. Sometimes, what we ask for verbally does not correlate with what we are feeling.


Once you have requested the guidance, you need only allow it to come through. It can come through in several ways: an idea or thoughts will come into your mind (sometimes a nagging thought), a phone conversation will take place that you didn’t expect, browsing the web and you find yourself on a particular webpage, someone will speak to you and you hear only emphasised words or you have a gut or intuitive feeling. There are so many ways to receive guidance from your spirit guides. You need only be aware of it when it comes and be open to receiving it. And don’t worry. if you miss it the first time, it will come through in another way.


Meditation helps to increase your receptivity and allowance. it makes you more perceptive and in alignment with your spirit guides.



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