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Quora Question Answered – How do you meditate? Do you use meditation aids?

I always meditate by using guided meditations which I keep on my phone. The one that I use most frequently is Abraham Hicks Breathing Meditation – simply breathing in and out. In for 3 seconds and out for 5. It was the first guided meditation that I ever used and it still remains the best for me. I can feel the moment that I shift vibrationally and enter the satisfying place where time is non-existent. In that place, I feel that I align with so much and that it opens a door to the infinite.


I have recently (within the past 2 weeks) started practising a meditation which focusses internally. I’m not sure what this is called, but it’s amazing. You literally set the timer and focus on sounds and sights internally. Your attention is within your body. When I started doing this I realised how reliant I was on external sounds for focus. By doing this meditation you literally hear your heartbeat. You feel every vibration and see colours and sights. Visions, sounds, words appear in your mind as you experience downloaded information. You become totally disconnected from the physical world. This meditation connects you with your higher self and allows for direct communication.


You never know – I might trademark it. It’s so good to use when you meditate!



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