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Quora Question Answered – How can I make sleep paralysis less horrifying?

To make sleep paralysis less terrifying, it is important to reduce your level of fear, anxiety and conscious negative awareness of the experience.


The negative energy associated with sleep paralysis reproduces, which means that the more you think about it or emit the negative energy associated with it, the more you attract it.


To reduce your fear and anxiety is a step by step process. Think less about it daily and definitely, do not speak negatively about it or engage in negative conversations about it. The emotions that you create when you think about it must subside. Begin the process of removing the negativity related to the experience out of your day to day life. Your perception of the experience is what creates it.


Your focus must change from that of negativity to one of positivity. Start to remove negativity from your day to day life and thoughts. Spend more time doing things that you enjoy and outside in nature. This will help to generate positive energy around you. Again, you perception of your life impacts on the experience.


I have a book coming out that lists practices that you can do to remove the negativity associated with sleep paralysis. Remember that not everyone experiences sleep paralysis and whilst your perception of sleep paralysis may be terrifying, you are unique in your ability to perceive and experience it. You have a unique spiritual ability that has the potential to transcend sleep paralysis into other realms and includes the ability to astral project and lucid dream.



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Sheila Pryce Brooks is an expert in sleep paralysis and extraordinary spiritual experiences. She is passionate about illuminating the overlap between sleep paralysis, spirituality and science through research and education and she has since dedicated her life to helping others manage and transcend sleep paralysis and other extraordinary spiritual experiences.


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