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Quora Question Answered – How can I go to sleep without being scared of having sleep paralysis?

It’s important that you don’t see yourself as a victim to sleep paralysis and regain your power. Sleep paralysis is a non-physical engagement, which works with you non physically. It doesn’t matter where or who you sleep with. The focus of the attention is on you.


Your perception of the experience plays a big role. If you feel safer when you are with someone, then the reduced fear will reduce your sleep paralysis episodes. If you are fearful when you are alone and anticipating an episode, then that is what will take place.


It can be a giant leap to begin to view yourself as non-physical or an energy being. There is a lot of information available that goes into this in more detail. We are primarily non-physical in a physical body.


You definitely have a spiritual or non-physical acutiy to engage non-physical energy. By experiencing sleep paralysis you also have the ability to transcend this physical dimension and explore others. We are surrounded by many dimensions that we are unable to experience in our non-physical bodies.


You now need to surpass your fear-based perception and rise above it. The fear keeps you in the place of allowing what I call the non-physical gatekeepers to manipulate you. The law of free will is always in place and you have the choice to move past it and experience the wonders that lay beyond it. You need to request and intend it. And when you do move past it, your spiritual abilities will surface and the sleep space becomes an environment where you can control lucid dreams, you can remote view, travel universes and manifest gifts such as clairvoyance.


Rather than see sleep paralysis as a frightening experience, shift your perception to it being something that you can explore and experience wonders that very few people get to see.



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Sheila Pryce Brooks is an expert in sleep paralysis and extraordinary spiritual experiences. She is passionate about illuminating the overlap between sleep paralysis, spirituality and science through research and education and she has since dedicated her life to helping others manage and transcend sleep paralysis and other extraordinary spiritual experiences.


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