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Can my son who passed away recently communicate with me in a dream? Is it real?

I came across this post whilst browsing and felt compelled to write an answer. I could feel your grief and utter frustration through my pc and hope that my few words can provide some comfort and support.


I deeply believe that those who have passed on can communicate with us. In fact, it’s is more than a belief, it’s something that I know. My sleep state is extremely busy and I won’t go into it now, but communication with different forms of life are possible as we sleep.


It’s important that I say that it is not for us to determine the method of communication. Those who have departed and spirits, in general, will decide how and when to communicate with us. Fixating on having communication through a dream reduces the options of communication significantly. There are so many other ways for him to speak to you. It may be through something you see that you think is random, it could be something on the TV that says the exact words he would say, it could be something that you find or synchronicities that are purposely placed to send a message to you. There are so many ways for him to reach you.


A friend of mine finds dimes on his birthday that are from his father who has transitioned. That was their special ‘thing’ and he takes comfort from finding them.


Sometimes our grief can cause us to create blockages and we won’t hear what they are trying to say. We can become so tight that our energy becomes restricted and this makes communication difficult. Whilst, when you sleep you reduce your resistance, you can still bring the blockage into your sleep which makes resting difficult and can ultimately have an impact on your health.


It’s important to be open to receiving communication from him. I’m sure that he is there with you. Say to him that you are open to receiving a message from him. Ask him to show you that he is there. His love for you will not dissipate and being open to receiving communication from him in whatever way he is able to provide it is a huge step forward. Remember that he has to find the easiest way to reach you. A way that you will recognise and that may not be a dream.


Relax a little. Pay attention and don’t try to force something that you can’t control. He loves and is there for you. You need only let him in and provide as many ways as possible for him to contact you.


I hope that this helps. My sincere condolences and I send you much love and healing light.






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