The Essential Place for Anyone Experiencing Sleep Paralysis


A Safe Space to Process Your Sleep Paralysis Experience

Sleep paralysis can be bewildering at best and traumatic at worst.

There’s also the distress and anxiety that it creates.


The constant tiredness, the fear, and lack of sleep, and the feeling of being different to everyone else often leads to the question, ‘WHY ME?’ only to find that there’s no one that you can speak to about it.  No one that ‘gets’ it, especially given the subtle stigma that you may feel and things you may have heard like:


“It’s a curse.”


“You’re being visited by EVIL forces.”


“Someone has put a spell on you” 


“You’re bewitched.”



Let me introduce myself, my name is Sheila Pryce Brooks.

I've experienced Sleep Paralysis for most of my life. To be specific, it's been chronic for over 30 years. But I've come out of it stronger, wiser, and empowered.

It’s interesting that something that caused a shadow over my life for so many years, has had a positive outcome. The very thing that had me subdued, has become my livelihood and my drive to help others. I’ve spoken to hundreds of people about their sleep paralysis experiences, and it is the central theme of my doctorate thesis. I’ve heavily researched it and am familiar with the literature and studies.

My personal experiences have fuelled my work, and I'm passionate about supporting you with similar experiences.


Sheila Pryce Brooks


As far as I’ve discovered, there are no cures for sleep paralysis. Whilst my personal view is that it is a spiritual or energetic engagement, the contending theories generally revolve around it being a neurological disorder or spiritual attack.  There’s even talk about it being caused by extraterrestrials.  BUT…. What I do know is how to: 

  • Remove the fear and anxiety,
  • Help you make sense of what is happening,
  • Remove the dread associated with going to sleep
  • Remove the confusion and overwhelm,
  • Ensure that you have credible information,
  • Help you to understand the wide array of experiences within sleep paralysis,
  • Put plans in place to avoid sleep paralysis in the future.
  • Remove any vulnerability, fear, and anxiety 
  • Remove any stigma that you may feel towards it 
  • Create a healthy sleep and life routine
  • Reduce the frequency and severity of sleep paralysis
  • Ensure that it doesn’t ruin your life any more by reducing the negative impact that it has on your life

For some people, sleep paralysis occurs occasionally, and for others, it happens regularly.  Physicians and healers alike don’t know the cause of it, and they don’t have a permanent fix for it.


  • You are not afraid of going to sleep
  • You are healthy with the probability of having sleep paralysis minimised
  • You can understand and take control of your dream state
  • You are empowered and take back your personal power
  • You learn about yourself at a soul level and have confidence about who you are and control over the experiences that you have. 


If you would like to book a single 45-minute consultation session to work with me, we’ll meet virtually online with cameras on or off (your preference). 

The session will not be recorded, and your anonymity is completely protected.  You can book the session using a name of your choice.


Currently, I’m providing these sessions at a reduced cost in return for a testimonial that I can post on my website or use with social media.   By doing so, you’ll be contributing to a growing community of individuals seeking understanding and support with their sleep paralysis experiences. Not only do you gain a deeper understanding of your sleep paralysis experience, but you also have the opportunity to inspire and guide others through your testimonial.


My clients often find that discussing their sleep paralysis experiences in a way that helps them feel seen and heard can be quite transformative. 


With years of dedicated research and experience in sleep paralysis, you will receive tailored strategies for its effective management. I will provide suggestions, tips, advice and insider info to help you understand the experience, manage its impact and mitigate future episodes.  There are no follow-up calls, no monitoring of further episodes, and absolutely no pressure to continue with the calls unless you choose to. 


My commitments to you are….

  • You will have access to a Safe Space: Share your personal experiences without judgment and gain insights from someone who has extensively researched and experienced sleep paralysis. 
  • Your anonymity and information disclosed are protected: You can have the call using whatever name you wish and any information shared is completely confidential
  • Price:  $65 normally $250  



A Deeper Understanding: A dive deep into the world of sleep paralysis and its connection to related sleep phenomena such as dreams, astral projection, dream loops and out-of-body experiences. By discussing it, you’ll get a clearer picture of the science and psychology behind sleep paralysis. This can help demystify what you’re going through and lessen any fears that you may have related to how to stop the episodes, your lack of control and what is causing them.



Personalized Strategies: Tailored techniques to manage and cope with your sleep paralysis experiences.



Validation of Your Feelings: When you talk about sleep paralysis with someone who knows about it, it confirms how you feel and what you’ve experienced. You’ll feel seen, heard and understood, allowing you the space to process and make sense of the experience, which will minimise its impact on your day-to-day life.  



A Chance to Let Go: Sharing what you’ve experienced can be healing. It’s a way for you to voice your fears, anxieties, and emotions, and in doing so, you might feel a weight lifted off your shoulders which will in turn help with getting healthy sleep.



Strategies to Cope: Through our conversations, you can learn different ways to cope and learn relaxation and energy-raising techniques to handle any anxiety tied to sleep paralysis.



Build Your Strength: By understanding what triggers your sleep paralysis and recognizing its patterns, you’ll be better equipped to face it with less fear. Stress, erratic sleep patterns and sleeping on your back are known common triggers that we’ll work on



Challenge the Stigma: By having an open conversation, we can break down the stigma related to ‘dark forces’, witchcraft or spells around sleep paralysis. 



Grow Personally: Taking the time to reflect and discuss your experiences can lead to personal growth. You might discover more about your emotions and mindset.



Better Sleep Habits: Our discussions won’t just be about sleep paralysis. We can also delve into your overall sleep health, helping you develop better sleep habits and routines.



Empower Yourself: Remember, knowledge is power. The more you understand sleep paralysis, the more control you’ll have over your experiences. This means you can make informed decisions about your well-being and seek further help if you feel it’s needed. 



  • I’m not a doctor – yet!!! 2024 is my year to graduate from the University of York in the UK.  And even then, my advice is to seek medical advice if things are distressing. This session is not intended to provide medical support or pharmaceutically based treatments. It’s an opportunity for you to discuss and understand your experiences, whilst putting in place a plan of action, which is mutually discussed.

  • My approach is 100% non-chemical.  As mentioned above, I’m not a medical doctor.  My approach to managing sleep paralysis is purely from a well-being, CBT (cognitive, behavioural therapy), naturalist approach. This means we’ll talk about your overall day-to-day well-being and stressors, thought patterns and general lifestyle.  It also means you’ll come away feeling empowered with gems related to improving your overall self-worth and thought patterns.

  • I will only suggest things that I know will work.  I’ve spoken to hundreds of sleep paralysis experiencers and have a reservoir of things that have helped other people.  Through my personal experiences, I have also tried many things which have helped me to reach where I am today.


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Is “LET’S TALK” a Personal Session or a Group Discussion?

When you book “LET’S TALK,” you’ll have a one-on-one session with Sheila Pryce Brooks to dive deep into your sleep paralysis experiences.



How Long Will Our Chat Last?

45 minutes



Can I Keep My Identity Hidden During the Consultation?

Yes, you can.  You can also provide a name of your choice.



Will There Be Any Resources or Materials for Me?

No, although you are more than welcome to make notes.