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Does Halloween and Sleep Paralysis Mix?

Demons, nightmares, ghoulish entities and everything associated with evil are envisioned when the term sleep paralysis is mentioned.  Yet, Halloween, which has its dark underside that overlaps with the idea of sleep paralysis is playfully narrated.  With many looking forward to the celebrations each year. But how accurate is all of this? Or better still? Have we been taken in by the glitz and glamour of Halloween activities and the fear perpetuated by sleep paralysis, to blinker us from the truth of both?


Sleep paralysis has been around longer than any of us can conceptualise. Our everyday images and concepts of good and evil has given this phenomenon the badge of something to be feared, and yet, the very thought of Halloween conjures not only friendly-looking witches gathered around their brewing pot, but also of children seeking sweets and goodies.


I dare to stand up and ask the questions:


“To what extent do we collectively create our realities?”


“Could we, as humanity, have created the very fear and images associated with sleep paralysis?”




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Sheila Pryce Brooks

About Sheila Pryce Brooks

Sheila Pryce Brooks is an expert in sleep paralysis and extraordinary spiritual experiences. She is passionate about illuminating the overlap between sleep paralysis, spirituality and science through research and education and she has since dedicated her life to helping others manage and transcend sleep paralysis and other extraordinary spiritual experiences.


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